Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a few things

+ After a string of record-breaking heat, Seattle got hit with a rainy day. It was so refreshing and so needed. Central Washington [where my favorite lake is] has been burning wildly with fires. Here's hoping our characteristic rain helps!

+ I love stories. I love things. I love food. I love Blake Lively's Preserve

+ I'm trying this thing where I don't curl my hair, only blow-dry. One day I just kind of realized that not embracing my hair's natural wave and depending on curling iron curls is pretty silly. We'll see how long it lasts. 

+ Things best friends say: "Nice underwear line."

+ I wish the Property Brothers would do what they do for me and for free. I could swing a hammer or somethin' if needed. 

+ At the grocery store late last night, I saw a dad and his little boy with only bacon, eggs and orange juice in their basket. I concluded one of two things: They were going to have late night breakfast for dinner, or they were preparing for Mom's birthday breakfast in bed. The cutest. 


  1. oh that last one! That is adorable.

  2. ahhh... love property brothers. i watch way too much HGTV actually. also, can't wait to take a trip home to WA soon, it's been 90 every day where i live in socal, which I hate!