Monday, June 23, 2014

a crime and a diy

Yesterday, I committed a bit of crime. There's this house I drive by everyday and it has the biggest rose bushes. I mean, huge! Roses galore. And they just spill over the fence above the sidewalk... So basically they're public domain. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. Anyways.
Pruning shears in tow, I drove by all nonchalant like and clipped myself some pretty pink roses. I got home and decided the plain, clear vase just wasn't doing them justice. So I grabbed my gold spray paint and went to work. Then, I got carried away and started gold-ifying any and all glass I could get my hands on. 

This project was so easy and I love how they turned out! 

Supplies: ruler, masking or painter's tape, scissors, sharpie, plastic bag, Krylon metallic gold spray paint

+ Measure about 2" from the bottom of the glass and make a mark with the sharpie. Do this at several points all the way around the glass.

+  Wrap the tape around the glass just above each mark. Using the points as a guide will help create a straight line.

+ Cut up a plastic bag and use a piece to cover the rest of the glass. Seal it down with tape and make sure any gap or hole is covered.

+ Go into a ventilated area (preferably outside) and start spraying. When spray painting glass, it's extra important to keep the nozzle 8-10" away and use long even strokes - Otherwise, you'll get bumps and drips. Two coats should be enough.

I have so much mis-matched glass that I've thrifted - I love how the gold paint ties them all together.

Also, my stolen roses needed to be glammed up with some gold ;)


  1. Love these! So beautiful, I especially love how it looks with the cactus!

    x Sara from awildroseblog.com

  2. this looks so great i was definitely thinking it couldn't JUST be spray paint!

  3. sidewalk is totally public domain! i love this diy! your spray painting technique is flawless. i need to master mine!

  4. Pretty sure I am going to have to steal this idea!

  5. this is theeeee cutest! i love how beautiful the roses and gold turned out!!! a crime tooootally worth committing for SURE!!!!