Monday, May 12, 2014

elbow deep in dirt

Yesterday was a Mother's Day for the books. 

+ Family
+ Sunshine
+ Iced tea
+ Eggs Benedict
+ Gardening
+ Gardening 
+ And more Gardening

 A few weeks ago my mom broke her arm in an unfortunate line dancing in flip-flops incident, making it pretty impossible to plant her garden... So I did it for her. Every year, my mom's garden is the kind of garden that you marvel over for a few seconds before even saying, "you have a beautiful garden". To be honest, I'm a little bit honored that she even trusted me with the responsibility. I'm excited to see how it grows over these next few months and hopeful that it will be even half as wonderful as it is when she does it. 

My mom taught me everything I know about gardening, and yesterday I got to spend Mother's Day carrying out all of those lessons in the garden I learned them in. 


  1. I'm sorry about your mom's arm, but I love that she was line dancing in flip flops. I hope I'm a cool mom like that. Please post pictures of the garden! I'm trying to get into it this year, but it's so overwhelming. Wanna come plant ours? We pay in baby snuggles.

  2. That sounds like an awesome Mother's Day! I'm starting to get into the idea of gardening. Hope your mom feels better!

  3. Your mom broke her arm?! :O Ohmy! Tell her to get well. I love the sunnies. :)

    Have a great week ahead!

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  4. aww what a sweet daughter you are!! and gosh. poor mom!! quite an unfortunate way to break your arm, for sure!!