Monday, February 10, 2014


Like almost everywhere else, it's been so cold here. That being said, The New Yorker really hit the cover of this issue on the nose. It's perfect. The past few days have been spent cuddling pets, procrastinating on homework with giant snack platters and keeping warm with friends.  

[My Sporty Spice-esque pants are c/o of my male friend whose house a bunch of us got snowed into on Saturday night. At first I made fun of them, but then I started to like them. That confused me a little because I've always identified more with Baby Spice.] 


  1. Just found your sweet blog. These photos are lovely, you're definitely rocking the cold weather! Keep cosy :) xoxo

  2. Oh please do keep warm and cuddled up! Do it for all us melting bodies in Australia

  3. oh my gosh, that puppy face!! and yesss, i was a baby spice, too! haha! but now i feel like more of a posh spice. you know. now that it's not relevant at all, but you know.

  4. The design of The New Yorker is indeed amazing. Feels like running back in time! Your little sneek peaks are also very lovely! x Eveline

  5. those last three lines are why i love you and your blog. please, never stop doing what you do. ever.