Tuesday, January 21, 2014

to bardot or not to bardot... that is the question

If you know me at all, you probably know I'm in a serious relationship with my hair. I started to grow it out in high school and it literally hovered just below my shoulders for years. I'm not kidding... YEARS. Now that it's finally long, I'm a little attached to it and can't imagine cutting it. At all. Ever. I'll be a granny with hair to my butt like old Rose at the end of the Titanic when she throws the diamond into the ocean and makes that funny squeak noise. Anyways... I've always loved Bridgitte Bardot's perfect fringe. Parted down the middle, long, whimsical, perfect fringe. Even though I love my hair, I sometimes get bored with it and a little bit of fringe would change things up without being too drastic. However, it'd require one thing - snip, snip snip. You see the crossroad I'm at, right?
...To Bardot or not to Bardot?

Side note: I have to say, Brissa is somewhat at fault for this with all her pins of Sienna Miller's hair.


  1. you know where i stand. if anyone in the world can pull off a Bardot fringe, it's you.

  2. Those bobby pins are great! You have lovely hair.

    The great thing with long-ish bangs is that once they grow out, you get a bit of an awkward stage with lots of hairclips necessary, but they grow out to be nice face-framing pieces if you so choose :)


  3. eeeek i dont know what to tell you but your hair sure looks wonderful here! love the ombre and love the bobby pins =]

    xo, Kelsey Young | Happie Reading Blog

  4. I'm currently growing out my fringe and it's taking forever and is such an awkward process. Only do it if you're sure!

    ps. Also, my sister has hair to her thighs. And for some reason, mine just won't grow any further a couple inches below my shoulders. What did you do to finally make it go beyond just below your shoulders?


    I recently cut my fringe straight across and it was a difficult transition since I was growing mine out and so it was a whole 3 inches off... it was scary! Now I'm getting bored with the rest of my hair though. I'm scared to dye it anything besides black in fear of killing my hair and needing to cut it and then I'm in love with girls with medium length bobs but the thought of cutting my hair is SO SCARY. I had the same problem, my hair stayed at my shoulders for YEARS. I can't go through that again! I just can't!

    I saw go for the fringe! It's an easy change that will grow back sooner than later if you think it was a mistake.

    x Sara from andalittlechaos.blogspot.com

  6. You've got to do it. The thing with ideas like this, is that they don't go away. They just get louder. Plus I looked through your pinterest hair board that you linked to and, well, you want those bangs :) No use in worrying about how you'll grow something out that isn't even on your head yet. Go for it! Love, a bangs clad girl

  7. I started taking biotin supplements and I think that was the magic trick for me. It's hard to know for sure, though, because I also started taking ridiculously good care of my hair with other measures - I invested in high quality shampoos, conditioners and other products, and made an effort to dye and bleach my hair as little as possible. Getting regular trims is also really important! The waiting game is rough, but one day you'll wake up and have hair half way down your back!

  8. Your remark about Rose's little squeak at the end of Titanic made me laugh out loud at work (such a funny moment).

    I think you should do it. Hair will grow back (you've probably heard that 100 times but its true). Maybe even try getting longer layers first to see if you can handle a change and then slowly go shorter from there

    p.s. how did you grow your hair? I can never seem to get mine past a certain length either!